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We DEMAND the immediate release of the dogs submitted to animal experimentation in Brazil

We are at the verge of obtaining the release of beagles and others dogs from a vivissection and experimentation "research" facility in an university in Brazil, called UEM: State University of Maringá, in Paraná, Brazil.
Activists have finally succeeded in stating their point and, after an inspection made by the veterinary authorities, is was fully reported they suffer constant animal abuse and torture in the Odontology Department of this university.
Their fear and despair was well documented on the inspection.
The Public Attourney started a law suit against the dean and researchers, where it is clearly stated that the animals must be released and put for adoption, after receiving the due care they deserve.
Nevertheless, the dean refuses to cooperate or release them.
Many other dogs have already been killed since the dean was instructed to STOP the cruel and painful experiments the beagles and other  dogs collected from the streets by these "researchers" are submitted to for years now in those premisses.

Will you help us to put PRESSURE on these animal abusers?
Please send your e-mail to the dean of UEM, with open copy top the congressman who is trying to obtain their immediate release.

Send your e-mail to: reitoria@uem.brquintavaracivel@uol.com.br, 

gabinete@mp.pr.gov.br, jlbtourinho@mp.pr.gov.br, comissoes@oabpr.org.br, 

furlan@jfpr.gov.br,  quintavaracivel@uol.com.br

c/c to: marcelorangel@marcelorangel.com.brcadeia2010@gmail.com veja@abril.com.br, 


To the Dean of UEM

I, the undersigned, had notice  of the law process filed against your university by the Public Attourney of Maringá, Paraná.

The facts are scandalous: maximum cruelty in animal experimentation, as stated by the report of veterinarians that visited the vivarium where these poor animal are held.

As stated on the public civil action moved against you, I demand the immediate release of those dogs, so that they can receive adequate care by decent, idoneous people.

This whole situation has gone TOO far.
If not for these animals __ for which you clearly do not care __ for your own good you should release them IMMEDIATELY.

Reading the enclosed document, I noticed that you were previously advised to STOP immediately with animal experimentation, which you did not, choosing to give evasive answers to the Public Attourney request.
As you will certainly understand, you are now subjected to a  law suit, not only in the civil forum, but on a criminal  basis as well.

How many other dogs will have to "disappear" or be killed until you release them?

Your names are already on the MUD and this will certainly have grave consequences to your university and the public funds it receives, that will probably suffer a deep investigation as to its destination.

Your own personal situation is deteriorating every minute.
Do the only DECENT possible thing: hand them to the people that are requesting for them and that will surely be able to give them decent care and put them for adoption in loving decent homes.

I am sure you will be able to considerate the full extension of this request, sincerely,

(your name & country)

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